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  • As new clients of Ashworth Financial Planning, we have been impressed by the level of service, attention to detail, subject matter knowledge and professionalism of Steve and his team. Our initial approach resulted from Steve being recommended to us. We couldn't have wished for a better recommendation. We were instantly put at ease and reassured by Steve's calm, considerate, kind, and thoughtful approach. Having worked and saved hard for many years, we fully appreciate the need for professional financial advice, not only with regard to our futures, but also for our family. Steve has taken a holisitic approach to our financial affairs, giving open and honest advice, which has given us confidence in planning for the years ahead. We now feel that we have a much clearer understanding of our potential financial journey. We will be recommending Ashworth Financial Planning to others.
    David Wernick and Su Boardman Essex, Clients since 2021
  • We have had financial advisers for a number of years. After learning more about Steve’s approach to more accurately and thoughtfully consider the lifestyle we wanted for our family, the future, and our capacity to leave a legacy, we switched and began working with Steve. We wanted to invest smartly and wisely for future growth and provide options in relation to how our money could work well for us to live the life we plan to. Steve advises us on life cycle finances. In our experience of more than 40 years, he employs great use of technology, planning, and judgement. Steve helps us to make thoughtful decisions in how we invest our money in accordance with our life-long plans together. Steve provides a great balance of support and challenge to help us really think and consider the most impactful way of investing and managing our money. Steve’s help has given us financial understanding, planning, purpose, and security. Steve continues to support us with thoughtful ideas and undertakes thorough research to provide a balanced view on some of the more complicated investment vehicles. His approach is focused on our financial objectives and life goals. We feel he seeks and has a depth of understanding in who we are, what we hope for, and our approach to finances and, therefore, provides tailored thoughtful and engaging service.
    Jane & Ed Essex, Clients since 2017
  • My wife and I have contributed to various company pension schemes and personal pension plans over the years. An annual statement would arrive which highlighted the growth (or not) of our funds and the fees charged. The results were uninspiring. I felt this was an area which was “out of our control”, so we appointed Steve to help us manage this area. Steve reviewed our existing pension arrangements to ensure they were best placed to maximise the benefits available and checked our existing life cover arrangements. In January 2014 we prepared our plan for the future. He was friendly & professional, and gently guided us through the process. He asked us about our plans in retirement, our income expectations and any specific projects that we wished to undertake. His report identified to size of the fund required to achieve our goals and how it should be structured to maximise growth whilst minimising tax. For the first time, there was a clear plan to follow to achieve our dreams. That was 6 years ago. We have followed the plan and because of Steve’s expertise, we have been able to accelerate our retirement plans. Steve has been supportive and caring, particularly during the current Covid-19 pandemic and always been available for a reassuring chat. He explains things clearly and makes the subject of investments easy to understand. He is thoroughly trustworthy and I have recommended him to others.
    Jamie & Jane Gwatkin Clients since 2013
  • I have been dealing with Steve at Ashworth Financial Planning for a number of years now. From the very first meeting, we found Steve to be very approachable and knowledgeable. He listened to all our worries and concerns regarding investing our hard-earned savings for our retirement and financial wellbeing in later years. He then put a plan together for us; Steve explained everything in detail and all our questions were answered. We left feeling both confident and relieved. Sadly, my wife passed away in 2017, and Steve was an invaluable asset in helping me sort out the numerous financial issues. Using Ashworth Financial Services has been a great help in giving me a structured financial plan for the foreseeable future.
    Kevin Lanham Colchester, a client since 2015
  • We sought financial advice from Steve because we felt that we needed more help in planning for the future. Our careers had been quite varied, and we had both worked for different organisations in the UK and overseas. This had left our finances feeling somewhat patchy and disorganised, which was making us anxious. Steve helped us assess what level of financial risk we were comfortable with. He then helped us to think through what we wanted our money for. This meant taking a step back and reflecting on our longer-term dreams and aspirations. This then formed the basis for our longer-term financial plans. Steve’s style of advice has given us a much clearer sense of financial purpose and left us feeling more confident and in control of our family’s future.
    Steven and Harriet Suffolk, clients since 2013
  • Not having taken financial advice previously, I think I must have had a stereotyped view of financial advisors. Steve does not fit that mould. His financial advice has always been excellent. We don’t not just talk about figures; we speak about complex underlying feelings which allows Steve to give very detailed targeted financial advice. For example, discussion about such questions as ‘How much is enough?’ has finally allowed to me to let go of a lifetime of insecurity surrounding a poor childhood. When asked if I had enough money to buy a statue, the answer was not a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’; instead, ‘How will you feel when you look at this statue?’. My response was ‘it will make me smile’ and Steve replied, ‘then that is the answer!’. I cannot recommend Steve enough. He has become the financial adviser to others on my recommendation. In a very brief summary, he is a man of integrity, knowledge and is wise far beyond his years.
    Tricia Dair Retired Civil Servant, Suffolk, client since 2015
  • We have used Ashworth Financial Planning for several years for investment strategy for all family members. Steve has always been very thorough in his advice with recommendations which suit each individual. He has provided us with a wide-ranging portfolio which meets our careful and relatively risk-free objectives. He is very proactive and knowledgeable so that all advice given applies to the current financial situation. He is always available for frequent discussions.
    The Studd Family Retired business owner, Suffolk, clients since 2013
  • Stephen has looked after our financial affairs for a number of years. We are not a really wealthy couple, but we wanted to protect our modest pensions to ensure we would be secure as we grew older. We have always been happy to follow Stephen’s advice, as he has made a point of explaining things in terms that we could understand. He is very easy to talk to and will answer all our questions happily without making us feel stupid. He gives us individual attention and makes us feel that we matter to him. We would readily recommend him to anyone wanting reliable, honest advice tailored to their needs.
    Richard and Nita Stanford Retired, Suffolk, clients since 2013
  • I have been with Ashworth Financial Planning since 2014 and from the very first meeting with Steve, I was put at ease and reassured that none of my queries or lack of understanding were unreasonable or silly. My knowledge of how to save and invest for the future was limited.  My various pensions and funds were sensibly consolidated under a wrapper which is now much easier to follow. I have been reassured that the broad balance of my investments will grow to provide an income for my future. Our twice-yearly meetings are always beneficial, and I leave feeling reassured having been shown clear graphs depicting the growth of my investments. I certainly feel my needs and best interests are at heart through all the changes and transactions that are made. There is a sense of personal care with the Ashworth team which is most welcome.
    Lynne Retired GP, Colchester, client since 2014
  • We sought financial advice purely because neither of us has any knowledge of investing. We needed expert advice to make the most of our assets, both inherited and earned. After taking our future objectives into account, Steve introduced us to Transact and the various funds to give short, medium- and long-term returns. The result of this enabled us to sit back in total confidence that our investments are safe and earning the best possible rate in these very difficult times for savers. We are now totally satisfied that our invested funds are maximising their best possible returns in the selected funds and we have seen their values rise over recent years. We have a yearly meeting with Steve which gives us an opportunity for a face-to-face discussion.
    Gerald and Margaret Cross Retired, Suffolk, clients since 2013
  • We take financial advice because we don’t feel confident or have the knowledge to deal with money matters. Steve arranges meetings at his office and also gives us advice by emails and letters or contact by phone. He is very accommodating, prepared to meet us at our home if necessary. We feel we can contact him at any time regarding money matters which is very helpful as he explains everything very well. I also needed help with tax returns last year, which I hadn’t done before. Later he advised on the investments of the proceeds of the factory sale. He has given us very good advice over all this time on investments for pensions which has been very successful. Steve takes an interest in our family and we very much like his personality.
    Brian and Freda Attwood Retired, Suffolk, clients since 2013
  • We have been investing our money with Ashworth Financial Planning for over 10 years and have always been happy with the service provided and returns achieved so far. Steve has listened to what we want to achieve in the short and long term, and provided us with a clear investment plan on how to get there. He asks the right questions to get the full picture; explains things without being patronising and has excellent software to show predictions that are realistic. He has never pulled the wool over our eyes about the ups and downs of the financial markets but has reassured us that if he does his job correctly, which we believe he does, our money should always perform within his predictions when we need it to. In our opinion, you can’t ask for more than that.
    Will Fell and Nikki Hall Ipswich, clients since 2015
  • We are delighted with the service Steve has provided to us over the past few years. It’s refreshing to work with someone who is truly interested in his clients' needs. We sought Steve’s advice on investing and planning for our financial security in retirement; a daunting task for us as we didn’t really know where to begin. Having met with Steve, it was clear that as well as thorough knowledge, professional acumen and integrity, he also had a genuine interest in achieving the best for us. He always explains everything thoroughly and his expertise and attention to detail relating to our ongoing financial planning issues is very reassuring. We are pleased we have followed his various recommendations, as he has helped us achieve our financial aims annually and continues to enable us to enjoy our retirement both in England and Spain.
    Kevin and Corinna Essex, clients since 2015
  • I was approaching retirement and wasn’t sure of the best way to access the money held within my pensions. I was referred to Steve by a friend of mine who was already a client of Steve’s. I have no regrets. Steve has dealt with my affairs competently and professionally, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. He guided me through all of the options and then recommended the best course of action for me as I gradually exit my business and move into retirement. My wife and I now have regular meetings with Steve, and I’m pleased with how things are progressing. I look forward to many years of us working together.
    Jimmy Butler, Pig Farmer, Suffolk a client since 2013
  • Before we met with Steve, we were reasonably confident about our financial position. However, with his help, we now have real clarity. We now feel more organised and more confident about spending money as we move into and through retirement. Steve helped us to understand what our financial future looks like and we could see that we didn’t need to worry. He has given us more confidence to spend money on experiences whilst we’re still fit and able and enjoy them! More holidays this year and next, safe in the knowledge that we can do so without the worry of running out of money. We now have regular meetings with Steve to make sure everything remains on track. We look forward to working with him for the foreseeable future.
    Steve Baker & Lynda Johnson Retired, Buntingford clients since 2014

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