Investment market update: September 2021

While the direct impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has lessened for many economies, businesses are now struggling with the indirect consequences, such as supply chain issues. From microchips to aluminium cans, firms around the world are facing challenges getting hold of the materials and goods they need. Markets have largely recovered from the Covid-19 volatility, […]

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5 scary financial mistakes you could be making and how to avoid them

It’s that time of the year when the nights are getting darker and spooky films start to appear on the TV. While the sight of ghosts, vampires, and more could frighten you, tackling your finances can be just as scary, especially if you’re making one of these five mistakes. 1. Failing to claim all the […]

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Capital Gains Tax reaches record highs. Here are 5 tips to reduce your bill

In the 2019/20 tax year, taxpayers paid a record amount of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to HMRC. If you could face a CGT bill, there are some things you can do to reduce it. According to Which?, individuals paid £9.9 billion in CGT in 2019/20, up from £9.5 billion in the previous year. CGT is […]

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Why you need to complete an expression of wishes alongside your will

You may have thought about who you’d like to benefit from your assets when you pass away and written a will to ensure your wishes are carried out. However, you may have overlooked what you’d like to happen to your pension. As you’ll be paying into your pension over your working life, it may be […]

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Consolidation: Why it could help you beat the challenge of keeping track of pensions

Your pension might not be something you think about often. Unlike your current account or even ISA, it could be decades before you’ll be able to access it. So, it’s not surprising that keeping track of pensions isn’t a priority for many people. However, it’s important for effective retirement planning and ensuring you’re on track. […]

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Are you taking enough risk with your pension? Being too cautious could mean lower returns

Research suggests that millions of workers are being too cautious with their pensions. Taking too little investment risk with retirement savings could mean your pension is much lower than it could have been. It could affect your retirement lifestyle. Pensions and investment risk If you pay into a defined contribution (DC) pension, your money will […]

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