Investment market update: November 2020

Global stock markets continued to be affected by Covid-19, but there was good news mixed among the negative. While the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned the global economic recovery was ‘losing momentum’, markets rallied during the month based on the news that a vaccine was on the way. Pfizer was the first to announce a […]

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What has 2020 taught us about investing?

2020 has been an eventful year for investment markets. Impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and government responses to this, there have been many valuable investment lessons that will apply in 2021 and beyond. As the extent of the pandemic became known in March, stock markets around the world suffered sharp falls. In fact, fears of […]

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Has financial bias cost you money this year?

Stock markets in 2020 have been characterised by volatility and uncertainty. If you’ve made financial decisions based on your feeling towards this, it could have cost you money. Whenever we make a decision, we have to weigh up the different options. While reasons and facts should be the basis for any decision you make, emotions […]

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How to spot a scam as the number of warnings rise

Spotting and avoiding financial scams feature in the news a lot. But as scammers become more sophisticated, the number of victims continues to rise. While many of us think we’d easily spot the red flags, it’s easy to fall victim, especially if you’ve got other things on your mind. Reviewing the warning signs can help […]

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3 options for gifting money to children this Christmas

If you’ve yet to finish your Christmas shopping and simply don’t know what to buy for a child, a financial gift can last far longer than the latest fad. It might not be as exciting as unwrapping a toy, but at a time of year when they’re going to receive plenty of presents, money can […]

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Why life expectancy matters when planning your retirement

When you’re looking forward to retirement, working out your life expectancy may not be something that’s on your mind. Instead, you’re likely to be planning how you’ll spend your time now you’ve reached the milestone. But life expectancy is an important part of retirement planning. Life expectancy is rising. And while pension age has increased […]

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