The top 12 toys to buy your children and grandchildren this Christmas

According to voucher company, RetailMeNot, UK households usually spend an average of £473.83 on presents each Christmas. If you have a younger child or grandchild in your home, then finding the perfect gift can be challenging, as the ‘must-have’ toys and games change every year. To help you, here’s a comprehensive list of the top 12 […]

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7 signs you’re being approached by pension scammers

We all like to think that we could spot a scam. But scammers are often sophisticated and it’s easier than you think to fall for their claims. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently highlighted some of the most common tactics fraudsters use to try and get their hands on your pension with a quiz. […]

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Bank of England base rate: Why does it matter to you?

When it changes, the Bank of England base rate is something that’s featured heavily in the news. But why is it important and when does it matter to you? The base rate is the interest rate that the Bank of England sets, in turn, it affects the interest rates that banks, building societies and other […]

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4 reasons to think long-term gifts for children and grandchildren this Christmas

We all know the challenges of trying to find a Christmas present for someone who already has everything. When it comes to children or grandchildren who are going to get piles of presents under the tree this year, you may not know what to get. Thinking long term and setting some money aside for after […]

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The Election and Markets: Some Scenario Planning

With the election less than two weeks away we turn to scenario planning for the market impact of the potential outcomes from the vote. While a Conservative majority is the most likely outcome at this stage, we know, to paraphrase Harold Wilson, that one week is a long time in politics, let alone two. We […]

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Investment market update: October 2019

Welcome to our latest update on the investment market. We take a quick look at some of the key factors that influenced the stock market in October and could continue to do so over the coming months. The global economy continues to have a gloomy outlook. In October, the World Trade Organisation slashed its global […]

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