Investment market update: October 2019

Welcome to our latest update on the investment market. We take a quick look at some of the key factors that influenced the stock market in October and could continue to do so over the coming months. The global economy continues to have a gloomy outlook. In October, the World Trade Organisation slashed its global […]

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Financial bias: How caution could be affecting your future

Research has highlighted how being cautious with pension investment can be as damaging as taking too much risk. In some cases, a cautious approach is appropriate. But, in others, it’ll be the result of subconscious financial bias affecting the decisions we make. Research from Cass Business School found women are more risk-averse than men. It’s […]

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The pay gap: Does it start before reaching adulthood?

In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about the gender pay gap, from salary to pension savings. But HMRC data reveals that the pension gap starts at a much younger age. Boys are more likely to have had a pension opened in their name before they turn 16 compared to girls. Thanks to the benefits […]

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Planning financially if you’re taking a career break

Are you planning on taking a career break? There are many reasons why you might decide to take a career break and it’s often an emotional decision. However, finances are likely to be a key part of whether it’s possible and the impact on your future. Uncertainty around the circumstances of some career breaks can […]

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5 ways financial planning can help if you’re self-employed

Millions of people in the UK are now self-employed. Whether you work for yourself or are part of an industry where contracting is commonplace, it can place pressure on your finances. You need to manage your financial situation and potentially plan for periods where you’re not earning an income. Working with a financial planner can […]

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Why talking about money is important

November marks Talk Money week, an initiative that aims to encourage more people to talk about their finances. In the UK, personal finances can be something of a taboo subject. It’s not something we widely discuss. But whether it’s chatting with your partner or your financial planner, there are a lot of reasons why we […]

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