3 practical things to remember in times of economic uncertainty

Over the last few months, you can’t have missed the tough economic headlines. You’ve also likely seen the impact of the global economy on your own finances. Whether it’s the rise in the energy price cap and the rate of National Insurance contributions (NICs), the increasing cost of goods and services, or the impact of […]

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Your guide to inflation and how it can affect your wealth

In the 12 months to April 2022, the rate of inflation was 9%. In simple terms, inflation means the cost of goods rise. The higher the rate of inflation, the quicker prices are rising. It can affect your day-to-day budget and your long-term wealth. “Inflation is taxation without legislation.” – Milton Friedman, American economist, statistician, […]

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Investment market update: April 2022

The conflict in Ukraine is continuing to affect markets and economies around the world. According to a report from the Kiel Institute of the World Economy, the war led to global trade falling 2.8% between February and March. The effect has led to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) downgrading its global growth forecast too. In […]

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The Platinum Jubilee: From shillings to contactless payments in 70 years

This summer the Queen will celebrate an incredible 70 years on the throne. Since her reign began in 1952, the world has changed a lot – who in the 1950s would’ve thought it’d be normal to carry a computer in your pocket that lets you make calls, access the internet, and a whole lot more? […]

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How a virtual “shopping basket” is used to calculate the rate of inflation

Over the last few months, you’ve probably heard a lot about inflation and the effect it can have on your cost of living. While you may be familiar with the headline figures, how is it calculated? The key figure that you normally see is the Consumer Price Index (CPI). IIn the 12 months to April […]

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80% of over-55s don’t have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place. Overlooking this could place you in a vulnerable position

Do you have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place? If you don’t, it could leave you in a vulnerable position if you’re unable to make decisions for yourself, such as after an accident or illness. Losing the mental capacity or ability to make decisions for yourself is something no one likes to think […]

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