Can you still earn an income from investments in 2021?

Do you rely on your investments to deliver an income? If you do, the last year could have severely affected your income and may mean you’ve been forced to rely on other assets. As 2021 continues to present challenges for businesses around the world, can you still rely on your investments? Traditionally, dividend-paying stocks have […]

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How compounding could help younger generations become a pension millionaire

When saving into a pension, reaching £1 million can seem like an impossible challenge. But the magic of compounding can mean it’s easier to reach than you might think, especially if you start saving while young. Compounding means that the returns earned from investments are reinvested. This means they go on to generate returns of […]

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Investment market update: May 2021

As countries around the world began to tentatively reopen businesses and lift Covid-19 restrictions, there are strong signs of growth and recovery. However, this has been tempered with concerns around inflation and long-term growth prospects. UK In May, the Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey increased the UK’s growth forecast to 7.25% for this year. […]

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10 of the best UK beaches to relax on this summer

You don’t have to go abroad to find beautiful scenery. If you want to relax on a beach, heading to Spain or further afield is likely to come to mind first, but the UK is home to some incredible beaches that are perfect for a summer trip. Travel abroad for a holiday is now allowed […]

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4 things parents can do to help children secure a mortgage and financial security

The route to homeownership is filled with challenges and securing a mortgage is becoming increasingly difficult for aspiring first-time buyers. As a parent, you may want to provide support and there are several different options to consider. House prices have been growing at a pace that outstrips wage growth. According to the Halifax House Price […]

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What you need to know if you’re a Power of Attorney

Taking on the responsibility of becoming a Power of Attorney can be daunting. If you’ve been named a Power of Attorney, whether you’re acting on someone’s behalf now or could do so in the future, understanding what it means is important and can help you make the right decisions. What does being a Power of […]

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