When can you access your pension? It might be further away than you think

The age you can access defined contribution (DC) pensions is rising. Research suggests that many people are unaware of this, but it could affect your retirement plans. At the moment, you can access money saved into a DC pension scheme from the age of 55. However, from 2028, this will rise to 57. If you’d […]

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Guide: The guide to later-life planning and care

When you think about your future, how far ahead do you plan? Perhaps you’ve thought about what your life will look like in 10 years, but have you considered your later years? While retirement planning is common, it’s often the early years of retirement that people focus on. However, your needs and lifestyle wishes can […]

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Investment market update: July 2021

The pandemic recovery continues to pick up pace in economies around the world. However, there are still reasons to be cautious and signs suggest the pace of growth is beginning to slow in some regions. According to the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), the recovery is picking up for leading economies as vaccination […]

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10 fantastic books to read with children this Read a Book Day

Read a Book Day on 6 September offers the perfect opportunity to curl up with a book and escape, whether with a comforting favourite or a new adventure. It’s also a great time to share a book with your child or grandchild and instil a love for literature in their early years. Developing a love […]

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The history of vaccines: from smallpox to Covid-19

The Covid-19 vaccine is something we’ve heard a lot about in the last year. As of July 2021, 54% of the UK population has been fully vaccinated and over 82 million doses have been delivered in the space of just seven months. Researchers from around the world developed and tested Covid-19 vaccines quickly, but they […]

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Tax changes and increasing regulation mean a fifth of landlords are considering reselling

Property is often seen as a way to generate a passive income or to fund retirement. Yet a survey has found that an increasing number of landlords are considering selling at least a portion of their property portfolio due to tax and regulation changes. Property can be a useful asset to invest in. However, if […]

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